Period 1940 -1960


World War II
The overall poverty and the many restrictions the occupier had imposed on skippers resulted in a large decrease of shipping industry. There was a dire food shortage, but working for survival remained necessary. The Kramer firm therefore decided to use the engineering workshop for broader purposes than just the shipping industry. They produced ​​small wind turbines for land drainage of neighbouring farms. Kramer made an arrangement with the farmers that half of the payment should consist of food, which was then distributed among the employees. This is how they made it through the difficult years of war.

Post-war developments
The economic recovery in the Netherlands led to more building permits in the Zaanstreek and surrounding areas. As a result, Kramer used the machinery for the production of pile drivers in the late 40s. However, the re-burgeoning inland shipping in the 50s made the company shift its focus onto the shipping industry once again.